Why Music Counts!

The joyful sound of young people making good music is incomparable.   Music is an integral part of every culture.  Making music is exhilarating.

Today’s school music programs, however, are being threatened by budget cuts that are making it extremely difficult to provide good music experiences. 

When the Women’s University Club redesigned its foundation they decided to add a council to focus on the needs of the community.  The first project designed by this council, The Community Education and Outreach Council, was to build a fund to assist struggling school music programs.

In the two years since its formation the Music Counts! Fund has grown to over $8000 thanks to members of the Club and from supporters in the general public.   The Music Counts committee was formed to continue the fund raising process and to determine how best to utilize the fund to reach the highest number of schools.  They decided to begin to start by offering small grants of $250.  Even this amount means a lot to schools whose entire music budget may be as low as $200. 

Thus far the committee has approved twelve grant applications.  Grants have been distributed to Thomas Jefferson High School, Bow Lake Elementary, Beverly Park Elementary, McMicken Heights, Parkside Elementary, Lake Youngs Elementary, Kent Elementary, Horizon Elementary, Rachel Carson Elementary, Lowell Elementary, Shorewood High School and Einstein Middle School.

In addition, nine schools have brought their music to the club to perform for members and the public.  Each of them came with no promise of payment.  The committee decided to send each of them $100 along with its thanks.  Each recipient responded enthusiastically. These nine schools come from Bellevue, Highline, Mercer Island, Northshore, and Seattle School Districts.

The CE&O council thanks you for your support and urges you to think of a music teacher you may know who could use financial help and urge them to apply for a grant.

Please click here if you would like to make a tax deductible contribution to the “Music Counts” fund.  Be sure to check the "Music Counts" box.

Each of the schools that has received money thanks to your generosity has been extremely grateful.  You are making a difference in the community.