Initiated by the Club from which it gets its name, the Women’s University Club of Seattle Foundation is preserving history, providing scholarships and enriching the community.

The Women’s University Club of Seattle, a social club in Seattle, was founded to promote outstanding educational, cultural and social activities for educated women of the Seattle area, as one of Seattle non profits. After two hundred seventy- six women from various universities (including the first female mayor of Seattle!) signed its charter on May 6, 1914, the first meeting of the Women’s University Club (WUC) was held. Over the years, the membership has continued to grow--and these women now hail from more than 400 colleges and universities from around the world.

While offering a variety of educational classes, lectures by distinguished speakers and various social activities, the members continue to encourage educational pursuits throughout their community. In 2003, the Women's University Club formed the WUC Scholarship Foundation and since that time has awarded thirty-one scholarships. In 2009, the members further expanded the Foundation to include both the Community Education & Outreach and Historic Landmark Preservation Councils.

As you learn its history, you realize volunteerism and community outreach have always been second nature to WUC members, as one of Seattle charities. As we approach our Centennial, we hope to continue our impact with your support.