WUC Foundation Scholarship Awards Update

Since 2003, we have awarded more than $325,000 to 82 scholarship and grant recipients. This level of giving was made possible by donations from Club members and friends and a significant bequest from an outside benefactor. Through the efforts of dedicated Club members serving on the Scholarship Awards Selection Committee and the Scholarship Council of the Foundation, we continue to administer scholarship donations, as well as the application process and disbursement of funds.

The Women’s University Club of Seattle began giving scholarships in 2003, when donations from Club members and friends to the Women’s University Club Scholarship Foundation allowed us to give two one-time $3,000 college scholarships to two graduating high school women. In 2008, in addition to three high school scholarships, we awarded our first Women In Transition scholarship, given to women who want to continue their post-high school educations, frequently overcoming obstacles and disruptions to their educational pursuits. In 2009, the WUC Scholarship Foundation was restructured into a 501(c)(3) non-profit public charitable trust called The Women’s University Club of Seattle Foundation, which serves as an umbrella trust for three Councils, including the Scholarship Council. Five years later, in 2014, we awarded our first WUC Employee Grant to one staff member. These unrestricted grants allow recipients to enroll in any educational program they choose. At our April 25, 2018 Brava! Celebration we awarded a total of $74,000 to 10 outstanding High School, Women In Transition, and WUC Employee Grant recipients.